MTM, in 1997, TUBITAK MAM Technopark area in Turkey was established as the first hologram manufacturer. As a member of Turkey´s first IHMA (International Hologram Manufacturers Association), holds the pulse of the industry, pioneer, technological and experience are unmatched in and is the only provider of continuous firsts.

MTM in 2003, in the area of ​​GOSB Technopark, high-security buildings designed to operate at. In Turkey, only he owned "by Laser Holographic Master Mold Making Technology", has been developed entirely through the efforts of Turkish Engineers. MTM has this technology worldwide as one of two companies, continues to work with a wide service network.

MTM having ISO 9001 certificate in 2006, which is a European Union Organization of INTEGRAF, CWA High Security Hologram Manufacturers of Printing Facility and received their certificates over the world, and still the only company with these two certification has been at the same time.

At all stages of high security production, advanced technology, privacy and security in the foreground MTM Today, "the National Secret Security Certificate" has been awarded. MTM turnkey access control (vehicle-personnel) systems, security hologram labels, security solutions and integrated smart monitoring systems developed and presented under one roof all of these studies in Turkey, which is one of the leading production companies and projects.

- MTM project group,is to build turnkey systems for all security-related projects.

- MTM experienced professionals within our team, both systems analysis, as well as the provision of project components and for the purpose of achieving the targeted results are experienced in creating different solutions

- Produced by MTM solution to the customer´s system integration projects is provided by our group. After completion of testing and training process measurements are reported efficiency of the system and the project is finalized.

Some of the projects that have been carried out;

- Electronic and card access control systems,
- Physical security systems are made using the security applications,
- Bulk data storage, be separated into categories, for more efficient use of information, the provision of integrated solutions,
- Information security: Local network security (to be made against Internet attacks may come from outside testing, analysis and solutions) IT security review, reporting and solution.

New types of security threats are forcing and interwined with our lives. Institutions around the world are re-examining security measures and every day are dedicating more resources to advanced security technology.