UVSS, Araç Altı Görüntüleme Sistemi - AAGS - Under Vehicle Surveillance System - UVSS

Under Vehicle Surveillance System (UVSS) is designed for entry points of military bases, govermental institutions and private corporations where special care is taken for security.

UVSS, displays a high resolution under vehicle image at an entry point and lets the operator to easily and confidently inspect this region that is hard to control with classical methods. These images can both manually and automatically be saved and archived. UVSS also captures a frontal image of the vehicle with number plate and driver. 

UVSS, is a product being designed, engineered and manufactured in Turkey.

Multilanguage interface
2 level of access to systems (Admin - user)
Plate Recognition
Integrated system approach with plate recognition system; and comperability with previous records.
Speed Of Visual Capturing
Current visual of vehicle and previous records are shown on the screen within 2 seconds after completion of vehicle’s pass. Both pictures are comperatible individually.
Minimum ~ 750.000 individual records are captured and stored in local DB, and more is possible (& optional)
Wide range of detailed reporting is possible such as by vehicle, date / time, by plate number, by vehicle type or by driver. Results can be covertable to different formatte and possible to transfer by CD, USD or back-up units.
Other System Components
Arm Barrier, Road Blocker, RFID integrated entry-exit scenarios



Under Vehicle Surveillance System ( UVSS )

  • - Hidden Explosives
    - Hidden objects such as weapons or knives etc,
    - Any type of hidden bug or surveillance/tracking devices,
    - Goods smuggling or even human smuggling in customs,
    - Narcotic material smuggling,
    - Unauthorized foreign people entrance under the vehicles.